Make a Difference
Speak Out for a Safe School

Students Speaking Out was created for students. We want you to dream big and see you realize your dreams. With so many challenges facing our world today, we need young people prepared to make a difference in our community, nation, and world. A safe and secure learning environment for students is important for you to be able to achieve your goal


At some point, most students will confront dangerous or even illegal activity at school or in the community. If you do, we want you to have several avenues for speaking out. Talk to a parent, a teacher, or a school police officer about what you know. Or contact Students Speaking Out anonymously.

Why Speak Out?

Students play the most important role at your school in keeping your campus safe. Even though you are young, you can really make a difference.

Bullying, substance abuse, relationship violence, and gang activity thrive in environments where bystanders tolerate activities that they know are wrong. There are real and serious consequences that can result from these activities. Speaking Out can make a difference in one person's life or even your whole school.

Making a difference isn't always easy; it can be uncomfortable to speak out for what is right. That's why Students Speaking Out gives you a way to speak out anonymously and you may even receive a reward for your information.

Your voice is powerful; you can use it to make your school better for everyone.

Safety Issues

On this website, we discuss some of the challenges you might encounter at school or in the community. We strongly encourage you to talk to your family and teachers about these issues. We have links to other websites that might have helpful information. Knowledge is power.

How it works

If you have information about a crime, serious school violation, or dangerous activity at school you can call Students Speaking Out completely anonymously. We call this a tip. We will tell you to follow up with us in the future using a secret code.

Our tip lines are not tracked or traced. We won't know who you are.

When we receive a tip, we pass it on to the police officer responsible for your school. They will investigate the tip. If they are able to prove the tip, you will be eligible for a reward.

When you follow up, we will let you know if you are eligible for a reward. If you are, we will tell you how much you will get and how to get the money.


Question: Shouldn't I just mind my own business if one of my clasmates is selling pot, has a knife at schol, or steals a cell phone?
Answer: Safety at your school is the responsibility of the entire school community—administrators, teachers, and students. Tolerating dangerous activity at school sends the message that anything goes. Speaing out sends the message to your peers tha other sutdents will speak out for a school environment free from drugs, weapons, and other dangerous activity.
Question: What kinds of things can I call on?
Answer: Students Speaking Out takes tips on crime, school violations, or dangerous activity that might interfere with people's safety. On our left side bar we have some examples of those types of issues.
Question: Is calling Students Speaking Out really anonymous? If it is, how do I get a reward?
Answer: Yes, we have 3 anonymous tip lines where you can call, use our App, or send a web tip completely anonymously. The text and web tips are encrypted as soon as you send them to make sure you are anonymous. Our phone line is not traceable and is completely anonymous.

When you call, you will get a secret code, you will use that code to follow up on your tip and to claim your reward. When you text, you will receive a code. When you send a web tip, you can log back on to the site to find out about your reward.
Question: How do I qualify for a reward?
Answer: Once we receive your tip, we will pass it on to your school's police officer. They will work with the school to investigate the tip. If they are able to confirm your tip is correct, you will be eligible for a reward.
Question: I know about illegal activity that is happening at my school, is it better to go to Students Speaking Out or my Principal or School Resource Officer?
Answer: Speaking out to someone at your school is the most direct way to make sure that action is taken. Students Speaking Out is offered for students who want to remain anonymous. The most important step is to tell someone. We also encourage you to discuss your concerns about dangerous activity with your parents or an adult you trust.