Speaking Out Against Weapons


Weapons at school should be immediately reported. Report weapons at school to a teacher or administrator. You can also contact Students Speaking Out if you want to remain anonymous. Do not tell other students about a weapon at school, tell an adult you trust.

If you hear that a student is planning to bring a weapon to school, the police should be contacted.

Why Speak Out?

Weapons such as knifes, blades, or guns are never allowed at school. Weapons are dangerous at school because they can cause intimidation and physical harm.

Weapons on campus can cause serious physical harm. Other students may be afraid to report weapons at school. Weapons at schools need to be confiscated before someone is hurt.

What to do?

If you know about a weapon on campus, tell an adult you trust or contact Students Speaking Out.

Your voice can make a difference by preventing a possible tragedy. Tell an adult right away if you find out about a weapon a school.

Report all weapons, including replicas

Students bring weapons to school for a variety of reasons: to show off, to look powerful, to threaten others, or to use them violently. Students bring replica guns to school for the many of the same reasons.

Many BB guns or paint guns are designed to look like real guns. Replica guns can be just as dangerous as a real gun at a school. Pointing a airsoft or replica weapon at anyone is dangerous and can result in that person being harmed by someone not knowing the weapon is a replica or an air soft weapon.

If you know about a student with a replica gun at school, report it immediately; and if you know it is a replica, include that information in your report. Your voice can make a different.