Speaking Out Against Hosting Underage Drinking

Hosting Underage Drinking and Drug Use

There are serious consequences for parents who allow teens and their friends to consume alcohol in their homes. The argument that "I would rather they drink at home in a safe environment" just doesn’t work. Providing an environment where underage drinking is taking place is illegal and could create legal and financial consequences that you may never imagine.

A social host does not have to be 21 years of age to be in violation of the law. The homeowner or property owner can be held liable for cost recovery. Here are just a few of the potential criminal charges facing someone who decides to host a gathering where minors are drinking:

  • Contributing to Delinquency of a Minor
  • Failure to Supervise a Child
  • Supplying Liquor to a Minor
  • Maintaining a Public Nuisance

You may also be held liable for injuries sustained by third parties as a result of the minor guest’s negligence. A social host can also be liable for the cost of responding law enforcement services.

Why Speak Out?

According to MADD, the age limit for alcohol is based on research which shows that young people react differently to alcohol. Teens get drunk twice as fast as adults, but have more trouble knowing when to stop. Teens binge drink more often than adults.

Underage drinking has life and death consequences with homicide and car accidents accounting for more than 3,000 deaths a year as a result of underage drinking.

What to do?

If you know about a planned underage drinking party, tell an adult you trust or contact Students Speaking Out. If you know about an underage drinking party taking place, contact the police or Students Speaking Out immediately.

Your voice can save a life.