Speaking Out Against Human Trafficking

Maybe when you hear or think about human Trafficking you think about someone being smuggled into the US and are here illegally. While that is true there are other forms of human trafficking taking place right here.

Human trafficking is the use of force, fraud or coercion to compel a person into any form of work or service against their will.

Human trafficking can occur in any industry, including agriculture, construction, domestic service (housekeeper, nanny), restaurants, salons, commercial sex work, massage parlors, and small businesses. With awareness, you can help to identify and report cases of human trafficking.

Don’t think it doesn’t happen here locally. Gang members have been known to recruit high school age females for prostitution and then control them through the use of violence and drugs. Foreign workers have been smuggled into the region and forced to work in massage parlors. A high school aged female was recruited into the sec trade business. Her story is just one of many that show human trafficking is taking place right here.

Why Speak Out?

Human Trafficking or smuggling is not only dangerous, it is also a crime. Connections with organized crime and criminal gangs can have a life and death consequence. Even as a juvenile, human trafficking and smuggling can end up on your permanent record.

Recruiters will lie to students about the consequences of human trafficking and smuggling. Recruiters, sometimes other students, may not even know the risks involved. Participating in this type of activity supports gangs and organized criminal elements.

Speaking out could save someone’s life.

What to do?

If you know about human trafficking, smuggling or someone involved in recruiting, tell an adult you trust or contact Students Speaking Out.

Your voice can make a difference.

Human Trafficking Hits Home

Think these types of things don’t happen here? Think again. They do and they have.

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