Speaking Out Against Gangs


A gang is a group people with a common identity that engage in a pattern of criminal activity. There are several active gangs in the Tri Cities and surrounding communities. Criminal activities that gangs participate in include theft, robbery, drug and weapon sales, fighting, sex trafficking, and assault. Gangs operate by instilling fear in their members and others.

Gang activity has no place in our schools. Tolerating even small displays of gang activity sends the message that the fear and threats that surround gangs are acceptable. Tagging and displaying of gang signs, along with other gang activity should be reported to an adult you trust or to Students Speaking Out.

Why Speak Out?

The presence of gang activity at school can result in other criminal activity and an atmosphere of fear and retaliation. You deserve an environment that is free from gang activity, intimidation, and violence.

Other students may be reluctant to report gang activity because they fear retaliation. The targets of gang activity may be afraid to report it.

What to do?

If you know about gang activity, tell an adult you trust or contact Students Speaking Out.

Your voice can make a difference by creating an environment free gangs, intimidation, fear, and violence.

"As a young man I had goals, ambition and things I wanted to do in life. Once I joined a gang that was lost. I needed people to help me get out. Role models and positive examples got me on track. I'm glad they didn't give up on me."

~ Former Gang Member