Speaking Out Against Bullying


Bullying is an act of repeated aggressive behavior in order to intentionally hurt another person. Bullying behavior may include name calling, exclusion from activities, physical abuse, or coercion. Bullies may behave this way to be perceived as popular, tough or to get attention. Bullying may seem harmless, but it can be very painful for the person targeted. Being the target of bullying can lead to depression and school performance and attendance issues.

Bullies select their targets for many different reasons, but students, who belong to a minority group, are perceived to be different, or disabled can frequently be targeted.

Why Speak Out?

Bullying can cause serious physical and emotional harm. The targets of bullying may be afraid to report it. Those responsible for bullying need to be stopped before they pick new targets.

Bullying at school frequently carries over to the community and online activity. Cyberbullying is particularly traumatic to individuals as it can follow the person everywhere they go. This makes it possible to spread gossip, rumors and outright lies faster than ever before

The presence bullying at school can cause physical and emotional harm to students. You deserve a school environment that is free from coercion and threats where you can focus on education and developing the skills you need to meet your goals in life.

What to do?

If you know about someone being bullied, tell an adult you trust or contact Students Speaking Out.

Your voice can make a difference by creating an environment free from intimidation and threats where people can be who they are.

If you are a target...

The targets of bullying can feel isolated and alone. You are not alone. While being bullied can make you feel overwhelmed, there are resources and people who can help you get through it.

Please talk to a parent, teacher, or counselor that you trust to get help. If you don't have anyone you feel you can turn to, you can call the Stop Bullying Hotline for support.

LGBT Youth
There are specific resources for lesbian and gay youth who are the targets of bullying