A Note to Parents

Thank you for visiting this website, as a parent you play the most important role in ensuring the safety and well-being of your child. This program was developed to support your efforts to help your child achieve their dreams. We welcome your feedback on the program.

School safety is a primary concern for us all. We want our schools to be an environment where students are focused on learning and school activities. Students Speaking Out encourages young people to take a leadership role in making their school and community safer. Our message to students is to use their voices to make a difference.

We strongly encourage young people to talk to their parents or other adults in their lives about the safety concerns they may have. Students Speaking Out provides a safety net. Our purpose is to offer students an avenue to report dangerous activities or crime anonymously and to provide incentives to do the right thing.

Tri Cities Crime Stoppers established this program to make school campuses safer for students. No one single program holds all the answers to the problems. Students Speaking Out provides a voice for students to be heard on issues of school safety and violence.

Students Speaking Out empowers students to play a part in keeping their schools and communities safe. When a case is reported to Students Speaking Out, Crime Stoppers contacts school security and the local law enforcement agency to take action. The student calling in the tip is eligible to receive a small monetary reward from Crime Stoppers if the information leads to a disciplinary action by the school or an arrest. Rewards are usually $25-$100, but in cases of serious felony crime, such as a weapon on campus, rewards can be up to $1,000. Our tip lines are completely anonymous.

The Students Speaking Out toll free tip-lines are available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. When a tip is received it is thoroughly investigated. Disciplinary action or an arrest is only taken when an investigation validates the tip. Crime Stoppers has found that students rarely make false reports to the tip line.

In schools that have implemented Students Speaking Out, reports to the tip line have positively identified hundreds of instances of potentially dangerous activity on schools campuses.

Peer pressure and fear of retaliation can inhibit students from coming to teachers or school administrators with information about criminal activity on campus. The anonymous nature of Students Speaking Out provides students a place to turn to if they are reluctant to go to school officials.

We believe that this partnership will make schools safer and more secure. We encourage you to talk to your children about the Students Speaking Out program.